Moving In: Dorm Life and Orientation (just the beginning)

So the goodbyes are done and you are beyond ready to move in, bags and bins and practically you’re life is packed away into a car or two and it’s time to go. On the way there you feel nervous, excited, and even a little bit anxious. Then you arrive and all of that is gone, you just have the panicking of unpacking and trying to get you’re whole life into a tiny room that you are most likely sharing with a complete stranger!

This was at least my emotions as I moved in today. I walked into the room and unexpectedly found my roommate who had told me that she wasn’t going to be there until later so that took me back a little bit. Then as piles and piles of my own belonging came through the door I began to feel panicky again, which slowly began to fade as I unpacked and felt a TON better.

So as the room was finished and after I went out to lunch with my parents orientation begin. If you ask me starting orientation and having it go until 9:30 on move-in day it is pretty cruel. Well after a long day of awkward small talk and exchanging numbers with very few people and avoiding all the party people I am beyond ready for bed.

For those of you just moving into college as well, please share your experiences! I love to hear other people’s adventures too! Tomorrow I’ll try to do more on those awkward ice breakers, the people I’m trying to avoid, and my plan to (hopefully) get along with my roommate.




Tell me what you want, what you really really want!

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