Awkward Icebreakers, People I Avoid, and Roommates (so much to handle!)

So first things first, sorry about the double post yesterday, I realized that I was posting in the wrong blog so people couldn’t read as easily so now everything is on the right blog and I hope you guys enjoy it!

Moving on- awkward icebreakers. Now everyone has been playing these icebreakers since elementary (primary) school. We start with the stupid ones to try to learn names, circles upon circles of where are you from? what is your major of intent? and lastly what is your name? and this just gets to the point where I’m like ENOUGH IS ENOUGH, I’m tired of these games and questions lets just move on, but no. Today was only day two of my orientation process and we have already played so many games! I can’t handle it. Tonight we have real bingo rather than the fake shit with people that we played last night, so hopefully that will better than these dumb icebreakers.

Now for the people at least I try to avoid  are the ones who are super annoying. Like I hate those people who never shut up, they think everything they have to say is important and it’s not! Like nobody even cares! A girl in my group today said, Normal girl: “Oh yeah well me and my boyfriend have been dating for two years now.” Annoying a girl: “Oh. My boyfriend broke up with me after two months, I couldn’t believe it!” Like what the hell, that’s probably why he broke up with you, you’re so freaking irrelevant!  I also try to avoid the people who think they’re really smart, because usually they’re not and they just try to have competitions to see if they can beat you and I’m just like no. There are so many people I try to avoid, another group is the girls who try to flirt with every cute guy and they aren’t even pretty! Now go ahead and say your comments about how everyone is beautiful, but honestly, these girls would be pretty if they knew how to dress appropriately for their bodies. Like try and take care of yourself and then maybe boys will pay attention to you.

So my final topic is roommates. Now this one is fairly important because you will be spending a whole year with this person so you need to at least get along a little bit. My plan for my roommate is to get along, if there’s a problem I’ll address it. I’m going into this assuming we aren’t going to be best friends and that we will probably not room together next year.  I figure all we have to do is make it through the year and it’ll be good. If anyone has any roommate problems let me know and I’ll see if I can lend you any helpful advice!

Until tomorrow (hopefully) my lovely readers. Comment with any of  you icebreaker hatreds, the people you try to avoid, as well as any roommate situations! I love hearing about other people’s experiences so spread the word!




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