Classes and You Know, College

Oh my word! I’m so sorry this update has been so long! Almost a week, that is far too long. So anyway classes have begun and I have been keeping myself busy with school work as well as Gossip Girl, who can blame me? So I guess I’ll start this out with classes and my (beginner) advice for those.  My advice is to get there at least five minutes early, but no more than fifteen. I try to be ten minutes early to each first class of they day because you never know if you’re going to have to run back to your dorm, or the clock was a little behind, it just look really bad to be late so try to avoid it. My text tip is studying, try to do it. I mean at least for the first week, it will give you some sort of good habits the rest of the year. My final tip is to start papers early, don’t wait until the last moment or day to start, that will just make for sloppy work, so do it in advance and give yourself time to fix it. Umm… I’m not really sure what else to include in this. Comment with any advice or topics you’d like to see in the future, I think I’m gonna do food tomorrow or as soon as possible. Thanks for reading, I really appreciate all of you who follow me too.




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