Another Rant (sorry!)

You must be thinking “another rant, this is stupid, why did I follow this crazy girl’s blog?” I apologize once again! I just need to get some stuff out.

First and foremost I should be working on a paper right now but I have no idea how to write it. Why you ask? Because the teacher should have set up a prerequisite for the course but didn’t so half the class doesn’t know how to write in the proper format.  So therefore I am avoiding it. Even though it’s due tomorrow. And it has to be three pages. And I’m only on page two.

Secondly let me just rant about this boy probably not very quickly. So there’s this guy I thought I had a thing with in the spring, we almost went to the same school, thank goodness we didn’t! Anyway after he lied a lot of stuff happened and I basically told him if we had anything it was over. Now normally after a relationship goes bad I turn into a bitch because I know that’s the best way to get over it, but I knew with him he would just kill me with kindness, so I decided to make that my plan. So you know we keep in touch and stuff but he loves to do this thing where he’ll send me anywhere from a paragraph to ten about his life and asking about mine. So he went off the radar for about a month when he was in Spain because he “didn’t have wifi” and then he finally responded about school and stuff. Then two days later I reply since he made me wait a month and he didn’t reply for three weeks, but not to worry he put me in his planner to call. Like I’m glad I ended things with him but every time he does this it brings the hurt back and kills me all over again.

Finally last rant I HATE HOMEWORK.

That’s it! Thanks for reading comment with your rants please! I love them they are always hilarious!




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