Going Home and NEW THINGS

So going home is something everyone wants to do in college at first. Everyone misses their family and their pets and everything about home, but then once you’re there I doubt you really missed it as much as you thought you did. I know for myself I went home two weeks ago for the weekend and I was miserable. Not only did my family manage to tick me off within five minutes of being there but I had no freedom anymore. I could no longer leave at 11 without my family questioning where I was going. I was so annoyed. Sure as soon as I came back I missed them but I’d rather be here. Let me know your opinions in the comments :)

NOW FOR THE NEW THINGS! I uploaded a video to YouTube. Please tell me what you think about it, and share it with your friends:) it is greatly appreciated! So yeah here’s the link and I hope you enjoy:)

Sorry for the short post but at least I made one today! I’ll try to do one or two of these and a video a week, hopefully it works out that way. As soon as I have a fifty subscribers I’ll try a daily vlog where I just video everything I’m doing that day. So  if you want to see that share me with your friends! I seriously appreaciate you guys so much, thank you for everything you do and all of your support, it means the world to me!



Tell me what you want, what you really really want!

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