The Best Friend Tag.

Hopefully she doesn’t kill me… One of my best friends, Lindsay, also has a blog on here that I would like to once again promote because she is one funny kid, and that is  We were on Google Chat the other day and she said something about doing the best friend tag, so I’m going to tag her in this, and I’m going to give my answers and then on her blog she (hopefully) gives  you her answers. We should probably do this together, but I’m surprising her because who doesn’t like surprises? Oh wait- she doesn’t really. Sorry!

1. How and when did you meet?  Well this is actually a really funny story, Lindsay was on the same trip as me when I went to Europe. We didn’t really become friends until later on but the first time I remember meeting her was on the plane to Ireland from London. Apparently she had not slept well on the first plane so she fell asleep before we even took off, but before that happened she took her head phones out of her bad and the were covered in cheese (I think) and I just remember being like “This girl is so weird.”  I either must’ve said something or she noticed the disgust on my face (I don’t know why I was so appalled,) and she explained to me that exploded due to the air pressure on the first plane. So that was my first impression of this kid I now proudly call my best friend.
2. What’s your favorite memory together? This is actually a really hard question to answer so I’m going to do two. The first was when we were in Belgium, Lindsay thought it would be really funny to keep photo bombing my pictures (I’ll put one or two at the end) but I didn’t even and get annoyed (which I would at most people) and that’s when I knew our friendship was real.  My second one is probably  over the summer on one of our Hershey trips our other two friends Katie and Jade were being weird so for once in our life we took a decent selfie, and that was just really nice of Lindsay-which is always a surprise.  But seriously all of my memories with her are fantastic and I miss her a lot. Well that just took an emotional turn. Sorry.
3. Describe each other in one word.  Lindsay is awkward.
4. What’s her dream job? I think it’s still an actuary (that’s a really good math job) but she also wants to go on tour with bands or do something with bands I think.
5. What’s her favorite makeup brand? I have no clue.
6. What is something that annoys you about the other person?  The problem with me is when someone annoys me I learn to ignore it so I don’t actually know what annoys me about her because if something does I already ignore it, but I don’t think there really is anything either.
7. If you could go anywhere in the world together, where would it be and why? Our group of friends just wants to travel everywhere together. If I had to pick one place I’d probably pick London though because it’s so pretty and we already have really good memories together there and it would be nice to make some more and have some with Jade too.
8. Favorite inside joke? 4/4. I’m not really sure, we have a lot. 4/4 isn’t really a joke, it’s just something we say.
9. Who takes longer to get ready in the morning? Umm I’m not actually sure, it depends on if I decide to do my hair- if I do then me, if not then we’re probably about equal.  We’re both always ready way before Katie that’s for sure.

Okay so I’m assuming the next few are about her, we’re probably supposed to do this together and that’s why I shouldn’t have made this a surprise. So when you read this Lindsay, correct me if I’m wrong.

10. Favorite season? Fall? Although it should be summer when we get to hang out (just saying).
11. Favorite song? I have no idea, I would guess either a 5sos song or One Direction but that would be wrong
12. Heels or flats? Considering I have never seen her wear heals I’m going to guess flats.
13. Pants or dresses? She usually wears pants… But she also just bought a dress she can’t wait to wear so maybe I’m wrong.
14. Favorite animal? Giraffe.
15. If her house was burning down, and her entire family was sure to be okay, what would she save and why? I think she would save her phone and her dogs. Well just the one dog probably, she might let Lacy go.
16. Comedy, horror, or chick-flick? Comedy.
17. Blackberry or iPhone? iPhone.
18. Favorite movie? I don’t know we’re more of a TV watching group I think.
19. What is something weird that she eats? Her freaking rice cakes with some sort of spread on top.
20. Do you guys have anything matching? We have this “I heart British boys” tank that our friend Katie also has I believe.
21. What’s her favorite TV show? Parks and Rec, Grey’s Anatomy, Gossip Girl, One Tree Hill, and The Office, just to name a few.

Well I hope you guys check out her blog too, she’s funny and her blog is really positive (for the most part) and she’s awesome! Thanks for reading about my best friend.




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