Can I go home yet?

This week is just dragging on. I have finals until Friday, I swear that I will be the last home out of all my friends.  I have only taken two finals, I still have more. It feels so much later in the week than Wednesday. I cannot express how badly I just want to be home for a month. I feel really bad, my family hasn’t even decorated the tree yet because they’re waiting for me and I’m like one of the last people home from my college too! I know I have a shit ton to do here before I go too, I’m just unmotivated. I need to clean, pack, study more, and most importantly stop messing around with my blog! 

It’s super insane this week, finals just wear me out and I don’t want to do anything afterwards, so I haven’t done anything yet, which is really dumb. Well sorry for the super short super boring post, but I just want to go home. I don’t want to be here anymore. I want to be with my friends.

Sorry I complained so much this time. I’m just done, beyond done with this semester. Well that’s it, maybe there will be something else later? I’m not sure… I’m very “whatever” feeling today. 



P.S I uploaded a funny Harry Potter video to YouTube Channel last night feel free to check that out too!


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