Too Many Bad Habits!

Okay so I’ve been super bad about posting the last few days so I thought I would just do a quick post and hopefully soon I can do a proper post with some good content, but for now I will just share my bad habits with you, feel free to share your own as well! These are just a few things in the new year that I might try and change as well.

  • Procrastination! I procrastinate with everything, even things I want to do! Like starting books, crocheting, sleeping, and so on and so forth!
  • Not sleeping. I hate sleeping so I try to sleep as little as possible!
  • Biting my lips, inside and out. I can’t have skin peeling without ripping it off, I know that’s super gross! And then a nervous habit is chewing on the back of my lip.
  • Scratching my chest/neck. This mostly happens when I’m having a panic attack or I’m about to have one so I know I really can’t help it but I still hate doing it and I consider it a bad habit.
  • Cracking my fingers! I need to stop this because it makes my knuckles fat and that’s gross!
  • Biting/ picking my nails, I hate when they get too long so I pull them off or bite them and it’s pretty disgusting.
  • Now on here, if you look at my posts there are a lot of commas, wells, okay so’s, and a lot of repeat words, which does not reflect my large vocabulary and that’s because I write like I talk which is very bad.
  • Finally I do this thing where I set a goal and then I find any excuse to not accomplish it, which is LAZY.

Anywho I don’t know what other bad habits, so maybe I’ll add more to this list at another time.  

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