What’s going on with Mary?

Okay well to be honest this is taking a lot of thought because time is going so quickly but really slow at the same time.  This past week I worked a lot, Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Friday, and Saturday (a double overnight!), I saw a lot of friends, went to a neighbors house, celebrated New Years (that feels like forever ago!), and tired to sleep some. The week started out with some anxiety problems, but it eased up for the most part as the week went on, except for a little today. New Years Eve was rung in with friends, where we wrote our goals and ripped up everything bad that happened last year with the promise not to talk about it in a negative way again.  I ended up working an overnight last night due to a call off which turned my six hour shift into a 16 hour shift, yeah that was a little rough, but then I didn’t have to work this morning so that’s good I guess. So this week was pretty boring, and I’m looking forward to this upcoming very busy, but fun week where I should be able to see a lot of people.

Anyway so this week I need to film another regular video, and I think I’m going to find some sort of tag for that this week because I’m feeling lazy. I have off of work Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday so those days are going to be filled with friends and trying to see as many people as possible. I also unfortunately have a family picture Sunday, but on the plus side I do get to go to Shady Maple with my cousin and his girlfriend for a good breakfast.  I honestly just can’t wait to have three days off and maybe take a second to breathe for once rather than just see a bunch of people. I’m also going over Lindsay’s on Tuesday to film some videos before we go back to college, which I’m not looking forward to, at least I still have another two weeks.

I can’t think of anything else I have to update you guys on for this week or the past week. Have an awesome week!



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