The Problem with Disney

Well I’m writing this post with the belief that everyone that follows me has had an average childhood and grew up on Disney movies, anywhere from Cinderella to Toy Story and I believe that these movies give us unrealistic outlooks on life, especially the princesses.

I mean look at Cinderella, what did she do? She danced with prince and fell in love, like when does that happen? I think the last guy I danced with turned out to be kinda an arse, no prince trying to find me by my shoe. And yes I have seen all of the new Cinderella stories, but they are no better. I mean I love Hilary Duff, probably more than the next girl, but come one, I was the nerdy girl who spent all of my time on my phone/computer/kindle in high school and I can almost guarantee that none of the “popular” boys had secret identities talking to the nerdy girls like me in secret. It doesn’t happen, except some girls have that hope in their hearts that they are going to find that person, but it’s not real.

Now, let’s look at Sleeping Beauty, I mean she doesn’t do anything at all! She slept, the end, there’s the story. So she’s born a princess and gets fairies then sleeps and then falls in love. Like what the heck, that’s not fair. Do some people actually think this happens? I really hope not.  Like if this does happen, please someone let me know so I can sign up for it somewhere because that sounds like an ideal situation to me.

Okay so Beauty and the Beast and this is where it starts to get better, but it’s still a little weird. Like yay! Belle is educated and smart, however how smart are you to go find your imprisoned father, then trade yourself, and fall in love with the beast, not even man, who kidnapped you. Today there are departments who search for monsters like these, they are called things like, oh I don’t know, KIDNAPPERS! Seriously though, come on! I’m pretty sure if I was in her position I would’ve feared for my life instead of did things like eat dinner with him and talk to his objects that talk! Also falling in love with the beast is like falling in love with a talking bear, not normal. This also sparks a whole topic of werewolves and I’m not even going to go there.

This is what a real princess would have to deal with, struggle with her weight and like some guy who doesn't like her back, who doesn't fall in love with her. Then, I would have some respect for Disney.
This is what a real princess would have to deal with, struggle with her weight and like some guy who doesn’t like her back, who doesn’t fall in love with her. Then, I would have some respect for Disney.

So now a non-princess movie like Monster’s Inc., now if a monster came into my room at night I’m not sure I would want to go with it ever let alone stay with him and his friend, go on weird trips to try and find my bedroom door and all before my parents wake up to come and check on me? Now, I know this isn’t exactly a love quote, but it’s so true (well at least in my opinion) quite unrealistic and I guess that’s the point of most Pixar movies, just entertainment.

Finally, Peter Pan, so yeah I get it growing up sucks but we all have to do it. So go Wendy for realizing that, but you were still stupid enough to go with him and take his “fairy” dust. Like if boys came in my window and offered me the capability to fly, I’m pretty sure I would flip out, like hardcore freakout. This is not okay, and where are their parents? Like don’t they care? I don’t get it, mine would freak out and try as hard as they could to find me.

Anyway, that’s my rant Thursday. A few problems with Disney, if you liked this you’ll love my friend Logan’s post on Disney Downfalls, she’s an amazing writer and I’m super jealous of her skills on every post. So go follow her, she deserves it more than I do, that’s for sure. (Here is her link

Thanks for reading, and if you agree or have any of your own disagreements, pop them in the comments, I’d love to chat with you about them.




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