Sadly Leaving

Well it is sadly almost time to go. My stuff is packed, with few exceptions- too much stuff if you ask me and tomorrow I shall depart to return to school once again.  But before I move onto that, let’s review my previous very unproductive week. I believe I shared with you last Sunday I caught up with some of my old friends, which was amazing and wonderful because they are beautiful people that I love dearly. Monday came with a day off and I probably did something with Lindsay but to be honest I don’t actually remember. To be honest Tuesday and Wednesday are also just kind of a blur. I went to look through my vlogs this week and there are hardly any. I worked Thursday, Friday, and Saturday, Friday I left early because I am a hypochondriac and with a sick dad at home, I was convinced I was going to get sick too, which I didn’t. Anyway, my dad was better yesterday and took me shopping for school snacks and supplies that I needed for the upcoming semester. Today I went to church and had a panic attack again, yay. What an odd place to get anxiety, I don’t understand what starts them. After recovering I went and met Lindsay for the last time for two months. It’s sad to leave her because I get so used to being with her and Katie and I miss them so much when we’re all in different states. Katie says she’s going to visit me again and I can’t wait. So yeah Lindsay and I went to Starbucks, Target, Old Navy, and Sports Authority, mostly just to get Shopkick points, actually just to get Shopkick points. Whoops. Then I had a nice family dinner, packed up, did laundry, and I’m currently trying to get some blog drafts ready and I’m going to film some more videos so I don’t have to try and find time to film at school. My goal is at least three along with the two I have with Lindsay I’m set for a good five weeks. So that’s it for this week, not much happened.

Anyway so I sadly depart tomorrow. I feel like you guys must think I love my hometown and I’ll live here forever, but I won’t.  I miss my friends and when I’m home I get to see them and that’s what makes me happy. So I should get back to school before dinner tomorrow which should give me plenty of time to set me up for class and unpack, which hopefully I can motivate myself to do. I would give you guys my day to day schedule, but that will be easier to do next week when I have more information on what I have going on at school more.  I might go to the lady I teach english to house on Saturday to enjoy some food from her home country but I’m not sure yet. Well here’s this week update and I’ll catch up with you guys tomorrow with how the moving back in goes.




January 18:  Froglet


January 19: What was the glitzy modern setting of director Peter Sellars’s controversial 1988 version of Mozart’s opera The Marriage of Figaro?


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