And We’re Updating Again!

Well this week feels like it’s been forever and there’s a ton of stuff to catch you guys up on but I’m probably wrong, so let’s look at what happened this week. Monday I returned to school, unpacked (kinda) caught up with some people and that was about it. My roommate also informed me that she’s moving out and I’ll be getting a single soon. I have mixed feelings on this, it will be really nice to have my own room, however, it just leaves me to not socialize at all too and that can be bad. Anyway, on Tuesday we had the wonderful gift of a snowstorm and it gave us the first day of classes off. I spent the day trying to get ahead on some blog posts and with lots of Netflix and dinner with some friends. Wednesday came rather quickly and I didn’t want it to come, fortunately, going to school below the Mason Dixon Line, although not far, they can’t deal with snow, so we had a delay and my first class was cancelled so I only had one in the afternoon, so that was nice as well. I will go further into my school schedule tomorrow on Monday school stuff. So Thursday and Friday came as regular days both busy with classes and seeing friends. Friday I have my bio lab until 5pm which is unfortunate, but funny story, I almost threw up because she had us eating BABY FOOD! And I’m not sure if I’ve ever told you guys but I’m a super picky eater, like I can’t even eat mashed potatoes without gagging, so yeah baby food is going to go over really well, I warned them though. So yeah embarrassing Mary moment of the week, yay! Well anyway, Saturday came finally, thank goodness! I had a pretty good day to be honest. I hung out with my friends Meaghan and Zoe, we went to see Frozen and got some Sheetz. I consider that a successful day.  Today came and Meag and I went to church, got brunch, and then I had a wonderful day of homework and studying, yay! And that was basically this week in a nutshell.

Now what does this week have in store? I don’t even know… Okay so, I obviously have class every day, everyone pray for snow in Maryland, okay?  Anyway, other than that I go back to tutoring this week, yay! I actually miss her bunches so I can’t wait. What else do I have… I’m going to the movies with my friend Ashlee next weekend, as well as I think I will be having lunch with her Thursday, which is always nice since she’s a commuter and isn’t around as often as some of my other friends. Other than that I might be helping my roommate move out, some of my friends might come over to help me rearrange the room to make the most space as possible, but that’s about it. It’s kind of disappointing getting back to school and my plans get smaller and less frequent and I miss the busy life. Oh well.

Anyway, that’s it, and I’m also unsure of my trivia again so sorry, none of that again.




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