Snow Days are Better in College

Well by looking at the title I guess you could assume that I had another snow day today, so thank you to those of you who said a little prayer or did a little dance for me yesterday. So today I’m going to do a list on why snow days are way better than they were in elementary/middle/high schools.

  1. The school calls you. The only thing I have to do is roll over when I hear my phone and hear the message, no watching the TV for fifteen minutes waiting for your school to show up and then not being able to go back to sleep.
  2. Your parents are going to ask you every five minutes if you are going to go sledding or go outside when you actually just want to lay around and do nothing all day.
  3. You don’t have an “extra” day to do chores. Before now my parents would always find me something to clean, however now I never have to clean, but I do anyway.
  4. No makeup days. In high school you had to make up every day you missed so two hour delays were the hope, now we hope for days off because we don’t have to make them up and it’s not going to change finals week or anything like that.
  5. You have extra time to get ahead. You have a whole day to do catch up or get ahead on work to make the rest of the week easier.
  6. However if you aren’t into the whole getting ahead thing you have a day to do nothing, which is also really nice and relaxing.

Well that’s all I have. Go ahead and comment what you like to do on snow days so I can get some more ideas for the next one, which could be as soon as Wednesday (a girl can only hope!). Thanks for reading pals.




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February 3: What are the only colors Dutch abstract artist Piet Mondrian used in the spare geometric paintings created during his Neoplastic period?

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