More than a Weekly Update!

So what happened this week in my life? Well two snow days, I swear they only happen on the days I get to sleep in already but instead they wake me up at 6 am with the call to let me know. Other than that, nothing super productive unfortunately. I became addicted to the show Weeds (it’s on Netflix, watch it), is that productive?  I did however plan out every post for every day of February which made me feel really organized (more to come on blogging stuff later). I went home this weekend because it is my beautiful younger sisters birthday tomorrow, I can’t believe she is turning 16.  I did some Target shopping and I collected some things in a Forever 21 online shopping bag, just haven’t ordered it yet.  Anyway, I had to drive back in the snow today, which was awful. So now I’m back at school where I have already worked on homework for three and a half hours, and I still have more to do so that’s great.

This coming week, what is going on? I have no idea. I know that Katie may or may not be visiting this weekend, I really hope she is. Either way I know I will be heading to Target on Saturday to get the after Valentines Day sales on chocolate. If Katie comes we’re going to go to Rockville and maybe DC, we shall see what happens. Other than that I have my basic weekly chores, homework, papers, lab reports, the list goes on and on. My biggest thing right now is trying and getting my Model UN paper done, but I still have two more topics to read through so I’m not really looking forward to that, I like the arguing my place parts, not the writing down my position part.

Okay so what I really wanted to share with you guys is some stuff that I want to start doing on here, and I would like your input if at all possible. The first thing is review products, shops on sites like etsy, and even shows and movies on Netflix. This is something I really want to do just because I love reading them and I find them really helpful as well, they’re something I’m always looking up so I’m going to try it and see how it goes. Now one project that I’m seriously considering is a lookbook and that will either be here or on my YouTube channel, I’m not sure which yet but I really want to do one so I have to try and get one of my friends to help me with it. Also, next thing, something I want to try and do is get more involved in the blogging community, so to come on here today and have two comments from two amazing bloggers made my day (don’t worry, I’ll mention them soon with links!). Some days I get really discouraged when a post doesn’t get any likes, but then I stop and think to myself, that’s not what I’m here for, I’m here to share my story and put stuff out there for other people to take in if they want. I had my blog for five months before I shared it with anyone outside of a very few close friends, and that was a big step for me, but the people like my uncle and my parents who get it emailed to them daily have been nothing but supportive. Then to get texts, tweets, facebook messages, and even family members coming up to me to let me know that they are impressed or happy with this makes it totally worth it and I’m glad I decided to share this with the world. I can’t wait to see where this brings me. So yeah this just got super sappy, way to go Mary. So thanks to all of you reading this right now, it means a lot.




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