Not Quite Fair

As a 19 year-old female who occasionally ends up buy necessities for herself I’ve come to the conclusion that prices for these items are not quite fair. I guess I should better explain what I mean and I don’t know how to do that so I’m just going to dive right into things.

  1. The average price of a box of pads is ranges from $4 to $8 based on brand, type, and how many. Trust me it is pretty hard to find any for four dollars that are going to do a decent job of actually doing anything at all.  The same goes for tampons, who actually start reaching a higher range, sometimes up to $15 dollars. However, women are not going to just decide to stop wearing these because they are a necessity, however you can still be taxed on them in the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania even when shoes, clothes, and food is not. To me this is just ridiculous, these are things we NEED for obvious reasons. There is really no other option.  There is no other alternative and we aren’t about to go around without them.
  2. Next thing, bras. I’m pretty sure it hasn’t been socially acceptable to not wear a bra since the late 90s early 2000s, how did I miss this trend? Seriously bras are the the most uncomfortable things ever, and they’re expensive. I don’t know how people can fork up $50 for the Victoria Secret add two cup size bras, not that I would need it anyway, but I can hardly even manage to put $15 towards a crappy Target bra that I’ll get maybe six months use out of tops. I do it anyway, because someone decided that it’s just what girls have to do. It’s just ridiculous.
  3. Okay, so makeup. Now I know this isn’t really a necessity, but I don’t know one girl over the age of 16 who owns no makeup whatsoever.  I may not wear makeup everyday but I do spend a decent amount of money on it to be honest. It’s one of those things where sometimes you just have to suck it up and try to look prettier (I say prettier because I’m sure if you’re reading this you are pretty already! I know I’m so cheesy.) to impress whoever doesn’t actually need to be impressed by this but we do it anyway. We also spend a lot of money on this practice, anywhere from $1 to $50(?) on one product depending on how upscale you’re willing to buy, and no matter how many times someone says you’re beautiful you’re still going to do your makeup when you go out or maybe even on a daily basis.
  4. Clothes in general. I have stopped buying women’s v-necks unless they’re on sale at Old Navy, but if I need like a plain white one, men’s section at Target here I come. I don’t understand why one white women’s v-neck is the same as three or four men’s, that is not gender equality people! I’m not going to pay more so my shirt goes with my curves, I mean it’s a t-shirt for goodness sakes! I cannot believe how much our clothes are in comparison to men’s sometimes. I think ever girl should look at the prices compared to one another next time she’s shopping and feel their clothes because men’s clothes are softer and cheaper! So not fair.

Okay so that’s my list for now. Go ahead and comment with your own ideas of things that aren’t quite fair for girls. Sorry I kind of went on a feminist kind of rant today. My plan days are all mixed up, maybe I’ll do better this coming week.




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