Ten Facts.

Sometimes I get annoyed when I write titles because I feel like they try to dictate my post, so today I’m waiting to write one until I see where this post goes. So I feel like when I first started my blog about seven months ago, I didn’t really know what I was doing so I would just write stuff about myself, or my thoughts, or just random whateverness, mostly like I do now. In that seven months, I feel like a lot has changed but a lot has stayed the same (still don’t know where I’m going with this). You guys have been through a lot of stuff with me. Kinda. You’ve missed a lot of the big stuff that’s happened in my life too, well things that are big now, but with more big things that come with the future, you probably won’t be missing a lot of my life, just  a little less than 18 years. Isn’t that weird to think about? I think what I’m trying to say is that you guys still don’t know much about me. So today I think I’m just going to ten pretty big things that you’ve guys missed in my life and that I’ve neglected to talk to you about.

  • I hate sleeping so much. I know that’s a weird thing for a teenager/ college student to say but I hate it. I just feel like it’s a waste of time. Like yesterday we had a snow day, and I slept in until 11:45, then I couldn’t sleep last night, so currently I’m running on about 3 hours of sleep. I will never let myself sleep in that late again. Plus I keep thinking about all the productive things I could have done during that time, like I lost a good three hours, and then another four trying to fall asleep. If humans didn’t have to sleep I would have been fine because none of those things would have happened. Imagine how much more we could do if we didn’t have to sleep, the world would either be a lot better or a lot worse.
  • When I get excited about something I get all worked up which involves either hyper Mary who is a lot of fun, or angry/happy Mary, and even I don’t know what to make of her. There has been a lot of both of these Marys the past week or so with blogvention stuff and planning and ideas. I would be getting excited again but I’m too tired from sleeping too much.
  • I don’t like potatoes. I only like really thin fries and potato chips. Apparently this is an odd phenomenon that many do not understand. Along with cheese, I’m just not a fan. So cheesy potatoes really not a fan.
  • I write in corners of everything, give me a pen and paper and I will fill it with thoughts and things I have to do. My notebooks in classes that are particularly boring are filled with the beginning of stories, things I have to do, ideas for blogvention, ideas for other things I have up my sleeve. I’m not even good at drawing, but that doesn’t stop me from doodling everywhere.
  • I will start ignoring a person as soon as they start talking down to me. I can’t stand it. I’ve actually left rooms or left places or even situations because I got so frustrated at people for treating me like I was stupid. I just get really angry, one of my least favorite things. Ever.
  • I love reading but as soon as someone tells me to read a book I can’t. Like it just no longer interests me. And by someone I mean teachers. Like at my school we had a first year read, and I had been planning on reading the book because a teacher in high school suggested it to me, but as soon as it was assigned it no longer held my attention and there were all of the sudden a thousand books to read.
  • I’ve never had something that I like really excel in and it used to drive me crazy, and sometimes it still does, but it’s also kind of cool to be able to dabble in a lot of stuff. Even though I still think it would be cool to just have something come naturally to me, I wouldn’t mind it at all.
  • I get my hopes up really quickly so I when things don’t work out I get really upset. Especially when like a hundred percent sure something is going to happen so I tell people about it and then it doesn’t happen I’m more upset because I get really embarrassed. This happened last year with prom, I thought I had a date and when he canceled I was so upset not only because he canceled but because I told people I had a date, and it was kind of embarrassing to then show up without one.
  • Popcorn makes me really sick. I get horrible headaches and my throat swells with a nasty cough. Such a weird thing to make you sick. Sometimes I forget how awful it makes me feel so I eat it anyway and then I realize how big of mistake that it.
  • I’m either really good or really bad at finishing things. Like some days I get on a role where I just finish everything I touch, and then other days it’s physically painful to do anything. For example, I started this post yesterday and I decided I didn’t want to think of ten things, so I stopped at three and that was not sufficient enough for a post so, I started another, deleted it, and then finally decided to finish the one I ended up posting yesterday. Therefore not all of the stuff is really true like when it says yesterday it means two days ago, however I’m too lazy to go back and change it so you’re going to have to deal with it. Sorry.

Well guys thanks for reading. I’m still looking for someone to help me with the details and stuff of blogvention if anyone is interested contact me! Now I have to go painfully finish my sociology paper, wish me luck. I’m not looking forward to it.




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