Can you not?

“Can you not?” is a phrase that I use way too often, and I’m not even sure if it’s a common phrase, or if other people other than my friends and I even use, heck it’s not even proper english, but I use it all the time. Either way, I think this applies to today’s list. Yes, I know, a list a again, I’m sorry I still haven’t finished my lab report but my brain needs a science break really quickly. My friends and I use this when someone says or does something that bothers us, I shamefully admit that Katie is usually saying it to me, but I would say a 1/4 of the Lindsay or Jade are laughing at what I said or did, so it might be funny, who knows! Well this phrase has causally started appearing in my everyday vocabulary, to people like my sisters, and other friends that take those sorts of things seriously and get upset. Whoops. Anyway, so today, seeing that it is rant day, and I haven’t completed a proper Thursday rant post in a few weeks now, I’m going to write scenarios in which I would and do say “Can you not?”

  • When I have four tests and two papers due in the same week, to those professors, can you not?
  • When I’m trying to sit in church and the kid behind me won’t stop kicking the pew (this also applies to buses, trains, cars, airplanes, ect.), can you not?
  • To the drunk people who yell outside my window on night from Thursday until Saturday, can you not?
  • To those people who decide 3 am on a Tuesday night is an appropriate time to start honking the horn, can you not?
  • To the parents in restaurants, and various other public places, who let their kids run wild, scream, kick, cry, destroy the area, can you not?
  • To the girls who yell “OMG” or “YAASSSSSS” in an unironic way in real life, can you not?
  • To the boys who think it’s okay to treat a girl like crap just because she’s not as pretty as other girls, can your really not?
  • When I have my headphones in and someone thinks they can talk to me, can you not?
  • When people think it’s okay to bully on weight, gender, sexual orientation, or just in general, can you not?
  • To the people who think they’re geniuses but really they have no idea what they’re talking about, can you not?
  • To people who just think they’re better than everyone, can you not?

Okay so those are just a few of the situations, I would love to do more, however I have to finish this awful lab report, wish me luck please. Thanks for reading, and something exciting is coming really soon for you guys so just hang tight!





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