Blank Page, Blank Mind

Well as I challenged myself to blog every day some days get really hard. I’ve been staring at a blank screen for about an hour and a half now, and it’s not accomplishing anything. It’s not that  don’t have ideas,  I do, but they’re ideas that I have to prepared or motivated to write them and I’m not today. However, I’m not stopping my goal so I’m going to improvise. By this point I’ve usually come up with some sort of idea and I haven’t yet so this is getting awkward…… Okay let’s get over my statistics, because I actually came across something really interesting while looking at them for the first time in awhile, so here comes another list.

  • My most popular post is “My Daily Makeup Routine” why? This is probably one of the worst posts I have ever done and I regretted posting it as soon as I hit publish. I don’t understand, it’s awful. Don’t read it. It is filled with bad selfies and poor explanations of makeup and how to apply it. Why are people reading this? Does this mean I should do more girly stuff? We shall see, but that’s not really me.
  • Those who read my posts come from 21 different countries, the top three being the US (obviously), Canada, and New Zealand, so that’s pretty cool if you ask me. Comment today where you guys are from because to me that’s super cool!
  •  The places that most refer people to my site are Facebook and Twitter.   Something that also referred people to me was people, Lauren and Jona (two bloggers in m bloggers to read post) also sent some people my way when they each included me in a post and I just think that’s awesome, so thanks guys!
  • So then looking at my totals makes me think a little bit about how much time I’m spending blogging, but really there’s nothing wrong with writing a lot, but in total I have 136 posts, 11 categories, and 924 tags. Well should I reevaluate my life or just accept the fact that this is my life? Let me know.

Okay so yeah this is really short, but I didn’t really think through a lot tonight, sorry! Don’t forget to comment where you guys are from! Thanks for reading!




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