Friends, Diners and a Bump in the Night

First of all I will be picking the winner of the Giveaway tomorrow around this time so if you want to submit your likes and comments!

Today I took Meag back to our half way point and decided to go out to coffee with Lindsay and Jade. Starbucks around here close at 9 and the only Dunkin that’s open 24 hours is way back where I live, so it’s way out of the way for them. So since I was passing through we decided to go to the diner. Diners are experiences in and of themselves, if not for the people you go with it’s the people there. I’ve only ever had two bad experiences at this diner, and I’m almost certain it was with the same waitress, but typically they’re such sweethearts.

Anyway it’s nice to be able to go out and laugh with my friends and forget about the fact that things have changed since being away. I just love hanging out with my friends and laughing. I don’t remember a time I laughed more than I did tonight. I hope all of you have a few close friends like this that you can just laugh so hard with you’re afraid you’re going to pee your pants. I can honestly there is nothing better then sitting and laughing with your friends.

Okay so we went to a 24 hour diner so we stayed until about 11:30 which didn’t  put me home until a little after midnight (why the post is late), and even though I’m 19 and live in a very safe place, I don’t like coming in that late or even walking around the house that late. So I change and grab my blanket, and headed to my basement because I wanted to watch Friends, plus that’s where I left my laptop today. I put down about half my stuff but I had to go get some water.  Finally once I’m all settled and started on this post, some noise happens upstairs and my phone of course is just restarting up, and my first thought is, “I’m going to die watching a rerun of friends, and I don’t get to update today” so even though it was probably just my dog or the ridiculous wind outside I still thought I was going to die. I am 19 years old and I still get carried away.

So yeah, I know it’s not update night and this isn’t really an update, more of a day in the life or something I don’t really know what to classify this as, oh well. Thanks for reading, and some cool things are coming this way. Winner to be announced soon so make sure you go back and enter if you haven’t already!




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