Semi-Formal Ball

Okay so I did intend to do this post last night but I had to help cleaning up after the dance and I didn’t even get back to my room until close to 2:45 and I still had to wash my face and stuff so by the time I got into bed it had to be at least 3 am and I just fell asleep. So sorry about that if you were looking forward to that, but that just means two posts today!

So I started setting up for the dance at 6pm until 8:30 when I went to get ready, and my pal Zoe did me a huge favor to come over and take pictures of me to put on here, so she’s obviously the best. I went back to the gym at 9:30 to make sure everything was good to go. Then I learned how to deal blackjack and luckily I never had to deal because I’m pretty sure I would’ve screwed it up. I worked the prize table and did some floating around to make sure everything was going well and no one was like drunkenly vomiting on the dance floor. However I did have some fun and I did dance with some of my friends. I’m a strong believer that anything can be fun as long as you try, even if I don’t always do this. Okay so now I’m just going to put some pictures here, the one of me were taken by Zoe, as I said, here is a link to her photo tumblr page, and you guys should all go follow her!

Let’s also keep in mind that I’m not photogenic, but I tried guys, I really did. Also the lights not great because my dorm is fluorescent lighting so not fun stuff there.

photo 1 (17) - Copy - Copy - Copy

Here is the fabric before we set it up.

photo 4 (2) - Copy

And here it is after. The man in charge of this budget told me how much it costs, and you don’t even want to know how much it is. Hopefully they can reuse it, obviously they don’t know how to bargain shop.

photo 1 (14) - Copy - Copy - Copy

This was the first setting of the flowers before the dance.

photo 4 (5)

And this is them during the dance. Photo credit to President Chad who will probably never see this, oh well. Anyway, they looked really cool. They’re Cherry blossoms because that was the theme of the dance.

photo 1 (16) - Copy - Copy - Copy

Oh here I am.

photo 4 (15)

This picture accentuates my jewelry. My bracelets are from Forever 21, the necklace is actually a wrap bracelet that I converted into a necklace for the night, it’s from the Seattle Zoo. My earrings are from American Eagle and the first set is a diamond pyramid shape and the second is a brassy/ gold pyramid shape.

photo 5 (13)

These are my shoes, they’re just flat flip flop sandals that killed my feet more than heels. My nail polish is Tempest by Sinful Colors.

photo 3 (14) - Copy - Copy

Here you can see my ring which is from Forever 21 as well. You can also see that I keep my todo list on my hand , whoops.

photo 3 (13) - Copy

Here is the full affect. My dress is from Charolette Russe. It’s a maxi dress however the black slip inside only goes down to about the knees and it’s sheer the rest of the way. I really loved it besides the fact that it held static really well so I felt like it was right against my skin when it should’ve been more flowy.

photo 2 (12) - Copy - Copy - Copy

So here’s the last picture. Just me and my friend Rachel (on the left) and Zoe (in the middle). Photo credit to Rachel’s boyfriend Tom, who probably won’t read this either. We had fun, yay!

So yes this was most likely my last dance of my life because they are not my thing and there are other things I would rather do with my time. However, I did make the best of a situation I didn’t want to be in, so that’s good. Thanks for reading guys!




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