My Happiness

Okay so this has to be quick because I want to finish my lab report by midnight. First and foremost, not one of you asked me a question so none of those to answer. Just saying I asked nicely. Anyway, so today I’m just going to do an opposite of a rant to reverse my bad mood. Basically I’m just going to write a list of things that I’m happy about.

  1. This time next week I will be on my way to Boston.
  2. I have so many good friends that I can go to with anything and they’ll listen and give honest input.
  3. My family is the strongest support system I could ever ask for.
  4. The people who aren’t supportive or loving towards me make me laugh so it’s okay.
  5. I finally got my VoxBox and I look forward to finally reviewing and taking care of it this weekend.
  6. I’m going to get chocolate cake tomorrow because I deserve it.
  7. My skin is soft.
  8. I find support and encouragement from people on WordPress who just share their story.
  9. My hair game was strong today until I took it out of the bun.
  10. I’m going to buy Camp Takota to watch on the bus next week. ( check it out.)
  11. Some One Direction is pumping me up right now, don’t judge.
  12. I’m going to try and start reaching out to some bloggers about helping with blogvention so if anyone wants to help let me know before I start talking to others.
  13. I get to see little Alex on Saturday who is now not so little.
  14. I only have to work for a few hours this weekend.
  15. I think I’m going to start daily vlogging even though no one really encourages it, I still want to do it.
  16. Getting on here everyday and seeing new followers or likes, or comments just makes my day and puts a smile on my face. Blogging is one of the few things in life lately that make me happy.
  17. It’s supposed to be warm again this weekend.
  18. Easter is less than a month away, which means french fries are less than a month away.
  19. Less than two months of classes before summer.
  20. As soon as I get a better job I’m going to convince my mom to go to the big mall with me and go on a shopping spree (not until the summer).
  21. My anxiety has been slightly better lately and I’ve only had two attacks this week. Progress is progress.
  22. When I have panic attacks they’ve been a lot shorter and I’ve been able to control myself a lot better.
  23. I should have time to finally clean my room tomorrow.
  24. I’ve completed the hardest section of my lab report.
  25. There’s been Playlist daily vlogs this week featuring lots of Zalife and Troyler, oh the feels.
  26. It’s almost baseball season.
  27. Next year my college is finally getting a baseball team.
  28. If I don’t get to go home all weekend there’s a musical here I get to see.
  29. If I get to go home all weekend I get to spend time with oodles of people I haven’t seen in a long time.
  30. The year is almost out and I’ll have four months off.

After any rough week when all you want to do is complain, what you have to do is fix what’s wrong. The hallway might still smell like burnt popcorn, I still might not be happy with my grades, and I might have two and half more pages on my lab report, but looking at the positives it can balance out. I know it’s a lot easier to complain and find things I don’t like because I do that at least once a week.

Two quick questions for people that you can answer if you want (I’m sure no one will). After knowing me (kind of) by reading my blog and thoughts, what do you think would be a good major for me? Maybe one of you can decide, plus I’m just curious as to what people think about I would be good at. Secondly is mostly for other bloggers, how many tags do you write and does WordPress develop them for you? Before I could just do one or two but WordPress would pick out key words so I never had to type them, does anyone know how to do that again? Okay so that was more like three, oh well. Thanks for reading!




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