Bland Update

Okay well this past week was blah. I started the week with exams in Arabic and Bio and then the rest of the week is kind of a blur to be honest. I left Friday after my lab and got home. Katie came over and we went to Dunkin (of course). Saturday came with work and the wiffle ball tournament, as well as a trip to Starbucks with some of my best friends from home, Katie, Alex, Hillegas, and Alex’s girlfriend Brittney. That was… Fun. For some unexplained reason I seem to be a threat to relationships. I am not. I AM NOT A THREAT TO ANY RELATIONSHIP EVER BOYS DO NOT LIKE ME! Then today I had some more work and went to the best ice cream place in all the land and then I had to drive back through all sorts of storms like ice, rain, snow. It’s almost freaking April and the plows were out, do you hear me screaming?

Okay last week was annoying but this week is going to be so much better. First and foremost it’s a four day week, so no lab, praise Jesus. I leave Thursday night for Boston, which I can’t freaking wait. I’m meeting Lindsay Friday morning which is yay! I haven’t seen her in two weeks! But then we’re going to (I’m going to leave this here because I think it’s humorous that I decided to stop and take a shower mid thought and now I don’t know where that was going). Basically we’re going to explore the city and Saturday we’re meeting another one of my friends for breakfast. Then Sunday I shall return here. I’m not sure if I’ll be able to blog Thursday, the bus is supposed to have wifi but if it doesn’t work then I’ll make up for it, promise! I might be vlogging the trip so that would be cool so I’ll let you know! Thanks for reading and sorry for another super short post two days in a row.



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