Travel Days mean Thinking Days

Travel days are long, yes I’m still on the bus. No I’m not doing an update today, I don’t want to, it’s really just like a post of thoughts.

I’ve been on the bus now for nearly 7 hours and let me tell you it’s not healthy to have that much time alone to think about your life. Not only was it sucky to say goodbye to my best pal this morning, but now I just keep thinking of things, not even bad things, just things that upset me and it’s annoying.

Lately I’ve been thinking about people who should and shouldn’t be in my life. I don’t want negative people in my life anymore, when I surround myself with those type of people that’s how you start to feel. The more misery and sadness that surrounds you start to go down with them. I understand that stuff might be seriously wrong with your friends, but if you’ve tried to help them and they don’t even bother to try being happy, you might want to reconsider who you surround yourself with because it might not be worth it.

I’ve also been thinking about my influence on others, am I a positive one or am I a negative one? I’m not sure. I try to be positive but sometimes it hard, and I hope that I’m not making a negative impact on anyone else’s life. I’m going to try and change to be more positive and happy in my day to day life because I don’t want to be a negative influence on anyone’s life, that’s not what I want people to think when they think of me.

This then leads to, well who should I be surrounding myself with? I need to rid of the negative influences in my life, and focus on those who make me feel good about myself and don’t put me down. I’ve been recently reminded that more people care about me than I think of off the top of my head. There are really more people that care then your family and best friends, even though they do care too, there’s more people there then you think, then I think. I have to try and remember that.

To be honest there’s more to life being miserable and getting hung up on the little things that make days bad. Life has beauty in it and magical things. It’s not all war and bad things, there’s babies and flowers and blue skies. Watch the sunset and forget about the bad things. Take a break from a bad day and find something beautiful in life. Stop being so sad, I understand I get sad too, but let’s stop focusing on that. When you focus on the good things, they start looking up. Trust me.

Sorry about this random post, I have better stuff coming soon, promise. Thanks for reading!




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