That would be nice…

I often talk poorly about relationships and such, but today I was thinking about the parts of a relationship that would be nice. So per my new usual I’m going to make a list. These are just things that I think sometimes, oh it would be nice if I had a boyfriend to do that with.

  • When I get back from a weekend at home or even just away so that I don’t have to carry my own bags in the building. Sometimes it’s such a struggle to get my duffle bag, backpack, and any groceries my parents were kind enough to provide me with, all up the stairs and all the way to my room. A boyfriend would be helpful in these cases, I think this also partially due to my laziness, a normal person would take two trips.
  • When I want chocolate but I’m too lazy to go to the store and buy chocolate. Chocolate does not last long in my life, and I constantly want more. However, the store behind campus is a 10 minute walk or a 5 minute drive and I just really like my bed. So, in that case, a boy would be lovely to just go and get it for me so I don’t have to move.
  • To have a reason to go on picnics. One of my favorite things in the world are picnics and no one ever wants to go on picnics with me so if I had a boyfriend I would just remind him how happy picnics would make me so he would go with me. I just think they’re fun and cute and I just like picnics.
  • Go to movies with. Yes I go to the movies with my friends, but sometimes I want to see not a chick-flick, or watch a movie with someone who knows when scenes are stressing me out or would talk about the parts they liked/didn’t like afterwards.
  • They are basically obligated to talk to me at least once a day. To be honest, even every other day is fine in my book, but it’s someone that’s there when you need to talk or ramble or just go off about something. I do this here way too much, it’s bad, very bad. I put too much on the internet.
  • Someone to take cute selfies with. I’m not good at the whole selfie thing, but whenever I see selfies of couples I can’t help but think “aww” unless they’re everyday or weird. I just like the idea of taking selfies with a cute boy, is that weird?
  • To be really comfortable around someone and just being able to act goofy. I love funny couples, like the ones that just send random pictures of fat animals to each other, or the ones that go out in public and do pranks or make people laugh. Those are my favorite kind of people and that’s the kind of guy I want to be with. I’ll let in on a little secret, I have bundles of those funny Valentine’s that were all over the internet saved for someday when I have a boyfriend and one day he’ll just be flooded with about fifty of them.
  • I’m not very much of a cuddly person, but sometimes I feel like I need to cuddle with someone, and usually I pick my stuffed animals, I know how mature of me. If I had a boyfriend when I felt cuddly AND THAT’S THE ONLY TIME he would have to cuddle with me, and we could watch movies and eat chocolate. I’m so interesting I know.

Now you may be wondering (probably not but maybe) wow Mary why don’t you put yourself out there? Well, I told you last week that I’m afraid of commitment and relationships as well as just trying to talk to someone, it’s a whole effort thing. I’m really lazy and I’m not always a people pleaser which leaves me alone, for a while. I think everytime I talk to a guy that I think is semi-cute I put my foot in my mouth and then I’m forced to get over him before I even had a chance, oh my life. Thanks for reading guys!




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