Weird Obessions

For those of you who’ve been around for a while you may know that I’m a tad in love with all things YouTube, I mean I put meeting Joe Sugg (something that’s not going to happen) on my goals for 2014. However, lately I’ve been really getting into mommy vlogs and daily vlogs of family, my question is why? Like every now and then I research blog post ideas for inspiration (did you really think I’ve had 180 original ideas? no no sweeties) and yesterday when I was brainstorming, and by brainstorming, I mean googling, I started looking at ideas for mommy bloggers. WHY?! I feel like this is becoming a weird obsession. Again, depending on how long you’ve been reading, you might know that I’m not even sure if I want children, so why am do I watch these things?

I think I go through phases a lot, actually I know I do. Ask my mom. Some last really long and some are really short, and I never seem to know where they come from. I used to be obsessed with musicals, and I still really enjoy them but I used to be obsessed, that was like the only kind of music I listened to for a while. Out of no where freshman year in highschool I wanted to play piano, so I took lessons for maybe a  year, and I got farther than most, only because I could read music from when I was obsessed  musicals and then I quit because I got bored. Then, basically up until senior year I was obsessed with Big Time Rush, why? I’m pretty sure their target audience was 10 year olds. Yet, 16 year old me was trying to find tickets to their concert (which I didn’t get). I don’t know guys I get into some really odd things I think.

So anyway, why family videos? Maybe it’s because I miss my childhood, maybe it’s because something inside of me wants that one day, maybe I miss my mom, maybe I just enjoy the content, who knows, not me that’s for sure. Anyway, if you’re curious as to what channels I’m talking about mostly The Shaytards, The Mom’s View, What’s Up Mom’s, Samika Vlogs (they’re expecting) but I’ll put links and such to my favorite videos of the month at the end of the month with like that post that I did last month.

Am I the only who gets really weird obsessions? Please tell me yours so that I can not feel so bad about myself. Well it’s currently 1:20am and I’m not really sure why I’m still awake besides the fact that I haven’t finished writing this so I’m going to head to bed now. I’m sure that’s really interesting to every single one of you. Thanks for reading!




2 thoughts on “Weird Obessions

  1. honestlylinds April 20, 2014 / 5:51 pm

    Pal, I feel as though we’ve been missing out on some ridiculously great conversations about musicals. We need to change that. Also, I recommend adding the Saccone-Jolys (I may have spelled that wrong) to the list of family videos you’re obsessed with because they’re Irish and great. And you wouldn’t be Mary without your weird obsessions, which actually get less weird the longer I know you and that worries me.

    Anyway, I guess I miss you so I felt compelled to leave you a comment for once. You’re welcome.

    • Mary April 20, 2014 / 11:44 pm

      We can watch musicals this summer. 17 days pal, 17 days.

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