One More Week

A week from today I will be in my own bed writing this. A week from today freshman year will finally be over. To be quite honest I had a really good post started and planned but then I lost my passion in the moment for it so I’m going to finish that another day and today I’m going to give you 25 reasons I can’t wait to be home.

  1. Real food. No more dining hall. Food that actually smells good. FOOD.
  2. Real showers. A solid temperature shower, no scalding my back or freezing my butt off. Also it will be nice not having to listen for people coming into the bathroom, being able to see when I shave, no shower shoes, not having to worry about it having vomit in it. Basically just everything about having a good shower.
  3. A big bed. No more extra long twin beds and my nice full sized bed that is really comfortable.
  4. Working again. Now, I’m not looking forward to working, but I am looking forward to the paychecks.
  5. Being able to see my family on a regular basis and being with them. I never thought I would miss them so much.
  6. All of my friends being in the same state will be nice.
  7. Having four months without any school work
  8. Having four months with virtually no responsibilities.
  9. No more weird people conversations in the dining hall/student center.
  10. No waiting for laundry machines
  11. Dishwasher
  12. Being able to catch up with everyone I love back home
  13. Real tv. I miss all of my favorite shows in real time or an hour after when I can fast forward through commercials.
  14. A big giant tv to watch movies on.
  15. The basement in my house.
  16. The scenery when I drive
  17. Making pancakes.
  18. Sinks readily available when I need them.
  19. Clean bathrooms that I only share with my sisters who are relatively clean, especially compared to the girls here.
  20. Adventures
  21. Beach
  22. Mild traveling
  23. Relaxing
  24. Time where I can be totally alone.
  25. Just being home.

I’m just ready. Finals are this coming week and I’m not ready. Thanks for reading guys!




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