Study Break + More Questions

I need a quick little study break so here I am answering a few more questions from the same thing as the other day. I haven’t looked at them yet and I’m really hoping they’re easy because my brain hurts, I’m tired, and I really need to do laundry.

31. Is your hair long enough for a pony tail?
 Of course, but I prefer the messy buns.

32. Which celebrities would you have a threesome with? None, that shit freaks me out.

33. Spell your name with your chin.
 mzfh- well I guess I failed that one.

34. Do you play sports? What sports?
 What do you think? Of course not.

35. Would you rather live without TV or music?
 TV, I hardly look at the screen anyway. However, I would really miss Grey’s Anatomy.

36. Have you ever liked someone and never told them? Of course, some things are best left unsaid.

37. What do you say during awkward silences?
 Something to make it more awkward.

38. Describe your dream girl/guy?
 Tallish, kind of muscular, funny, smart, great smile.

39. What are your favorite stores to shop in?
 Forever 21 (when it’s not trashy), Target, Old Navy, and American Eagle

40. What do you want to do after high school?
 Considering I’m out and in college I think that should be my answer.

41. Do you believe everyone deserves a second chance?
 No I really don’t, but I usually give them anyway.

42. If you’re being extremely quiet what does it mean?
 It either means I’m annoyed or I don’t feel like talking.

43. Do you smile at strangers?
  I try to, you never know what difference a smile can make in someone’s day.

44. Trip to outer space or bottom of the ocean? Space, when I was younger I wanted to be an astronaut.

45. What makes you get out of bed in the morning?
 I can’t stand wasting my day it makes me feel anxious.

46. What are you paranoid about?
  Too many things.

47. Have you ever been high? No, I don’t do drugs.

48. Have you ever been drunk?

49. Have you done anything recently that you hope nobody finds out about?
  I don’t do anything that I don’t want people to find out about, but I do regret telling someone something.

50. What was the colour of the last hoodie you wore?

51. Ever wished you were someone else?  I wish right now I was someone who was either really smart and knew everything or someone who already passed all of their finals and was enjoying summer.

52. One thing you wish you could change about yourself?
 My weight, and yes I know that’s something completely in my control.

53. Favourite makeup brand?
  Elf because it’s cheap or Almay because it’s hypoallergenic. 

54. Favourite store? Target. 

55. Favourite blog? Lousie is my role model and an all around great person.

56. Favourite colour?
 I don’t believe in favorite colors. Seriously.

57. Favourite food? French fries.

58. Last thing you ate? Twizzlers.

59. First thing you ate this morning?
 Turkey sausage.

60. Ever won a competition? For what? Kind of, myself and my partner Amy,  won a Science Olympiad in one event but we didn’t win overall. I don’t think I’ve ever been in a competition that I won all on my own though.

That’s it. Sorry hopefully I can make up for all of these stupid posts after finals (Thursday). Thanks for sticking through this with me!




2 thoughts on “Study Break + More Questions

  1. Simplexvita May 5, 2014 / 5:29 pm

    YOU CAN DO IT! Finals are just a nasty side effect from college.
    P.s I also was in Science Olympiad

    • Mary May 6, 2014 / 2:06 pm

      Thanks for the support! It is very much appreciated.
      P.S That’s awesome, it’s one of those clubs I feel like no one did!

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