The Scrunchie is Back

Okay so I went out to dinner and to the mall with some of my friends tonight and my one friend owed me some money and  I was going to buy a few scrunchies, but instead she bought them for me. I thought I would just do a quick little haul thing because I think scrunchies are coming back. My opinion. Everything is from Forever 21.  I think these will had a little more to my messy bun that I constantly have my crazy hair pulled up into.

Say what you will about scrunchies, but I like them. Is this 90’s fashion back or am I looking ridiculous? Let me know in the comments. Sorry  I know this isn’t what I usually write about, do you like it though? Thanks for reading!



2 responses to “The Scrunchie is Back”

  1. Mary, I absolutely adore scrunchies, just like you! The scrunchie trend never died and is likely to live forever. I definitely think scrunchies are an elegant and fashionable way of mixing and matching colours and accessorising outfits. Scrunchies are a unique way of expressing one’s individuality, especially if one acquires individually handmade scrunchies. I sew and knit fabulous scrunchies in different sizes and I sell these on Etsy. I am in the process of growing my collection and I ship worldwide. Check out my scrunchie shop here:

    • I think they can add a splash of color to some cool outfits. I wish I had the money to buy some, maybe when I’m working more, they look pretty cool!

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