Notebook Scribblings

I’m first of all really excited about this post I’ve been planning it for months. I’m the kind of person that scribbles in every corner of a notebook, I just fill in the margins while I’m taking notes, poems, thoughts, even stories. I write stories (not to be shared) and most of them start in the margins of notebooks. I thought for today I would share this little piece of my soul with you guys today. I really wanted to do this today because it’s also my 200th post! Here is a piece of my soul for 200 posts. Side note- does anyone know how to change fonts? Is that possible? Let me know please!

  •  I’m obsessed with cites, the honks of the horns, the blaring sirens, the rush of the workers, pushing and shoving their way to the top.
  • The feeling of rain is quite beautiful, nothing quite like it
  • There’s something surreal about an empty classroom. People fill in and the room begins to reek of wasted potential.
  • Tap. Tap tap. Tap. Tap Tap Tap. That’s one. Sleeves riding up my arm. That’s two. Squeeky desk. That’s three. Crinkly wrapper. That’s four.
  • I’ll be okay;
  • my tights have a run in them and it’s making me anxious
  • regrets lead to panic
  • there are few people in this world that appreciate all the things you do. only a few that love the smell of the rain mixed with the sound of city streets. very few will take their coffee just like you
  • times not quite a luxury
  • my life is one regret after another
  • in a room of 200 people I still feel alone
  • Things that make me think of you:lost socks, empty parking lots. Things that make me miss you: silent car rides, movie quotes. Things that make me glad I left: angry thoughts, pictures of betrayal.

So yeah these are odd and weird and random and some are slightly upsetting but these are my thoughts. Does anyone else do this? Thanks for reading!




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