Brief Catch-Up!

Okay so I’m home now (as you all know) and is summer “break”. I put break in quotes because it hasn’t been much of a break so far, there has yet to be a day where I have done absolutely nothing and that partially my fault but also because I’ve been working/unpacking/cleaning/organizing. SO MUCH TO DO! I should’ve listened to my own advice while packing, I have no idea where anything is and the only time I really have is before/after work depending on the time. Spending so much time at work makes me know that I need to finish college, there’s no way I could spend my life at a job like that, I can hardly be there now. I’m applying for another so I’m hoping that works out, regular hours and weekends off, yes please.

While unpacking clothes I’m trying to go through my clothes and find things I don’t wear to try and sort through what I can sell at a consignment shop out towards Lindsay’s so I can try and make money on clothes I bought and hardly wore. There’s at least two things with tags still on it so hopefully those will at least be worth a few bucks. Really old stuff I’m just donating to the Goodwill. I can’t believe I had two or three bags of clothes last summer and now I have more, obviously I have a shopping problem.

When I’m not cleaning, organizing, or working I’m trying to hang out with my friends. That’s really nice too, but I so far the only time I have really spent alone is at night blogging and trying to read or accomplish other random tasks. Summer break has yet to really be a break, but I guess that’s okay. I’m making money and memories, it’s worth it in the end.

I am looking for two people possibly. I’m looking for someone to interview, so if you would like to be interviewed and you are at least a little interesting leave a comment below. I am also looking for someone who would like to do a guest post, if you are a college student who has a similar blog type to me, let me know, I’ll read it and let you know. So comment with that if you are interested in doing that.

Finally, I would like to start brainstorming about blogvention again, but I really do need help. If anyone wants to help with that leave a comment or email me at

So yep a little update for summer so far, hope all of you guys are enjoying it as well!




2 thoughts on “Brief Catch-Up!

  1. tryingnovelty May 20, 2014 / 11:24 pm

    Hiiii, if you’re still looking for someone to interview, i would be interested! Hehe x

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