Working in the foodservice industry for three years now, I have not only seen why I (personally) need to attend college, but I’ve seen why manners are so important and why everyone should learn them. So today I decided that we should do a quick lesson on parents because who knows who may stumble upon this.

  • “Hello, how are you?” “Get me….” Excuse me but telling me to get you something is not a response to how are you, it doesn’t waste  your day away by saying “I’m fine” or even “Okay”.
  • Say thank you. If I give you something, yes I understand that you paid for it, still say thank you, it’s polite.
  • Say excuse me. If you need to get somewhere and someone is in your way, say excuse me. Don’t just push your way around, or squeeze in, say excuse me. It’s not that hard, and then it will be easy for you and the person you are trying to squeeze by.
  • Say sorry. It seems that because I am “lower” in any situation than someone, whether this is at school (I argued with at teacher in high school about this) or at work, if you someone views themself as better than you they suddenly lose the ability to apologize  which isn’t right. If you are in the wrong you can always apologize.

These are just basic manners that some people seem to forget. Keep these in mind the next time you are engaging with someone in the foodservice, or anywhere for that matter. I am always shocked at how rude people can be.




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