Naturally people view me as pessimistic type of person  however, I like to see myself as a realist and because of that I see the bad as well as the good. I know it’s not good to think about bad things but I think it’s part of life. I really admire my friend Alex who is such a positive person and being around her just makes me happier in general. She’s just one of those people that you can’t help but smile when you’re around. This actually leads me to my first point of positivity, people. If you surround yourself with positive people you are more likely to be a positive person. I notice that when I am around my people who make me laugh and spread a positive energy I am a lot happier. I think this is so important, you shouldn’t be around people that make you feel miserable or put you down or just try and put their burdens on you aren’t the people you should be hanging out with. Also, don’t be that negative person that takes the cloud of gloom with you everywhere you go, taking down every person you greet. It might take a lot to make someone smile, but it doesn’t take much to tear it all down.

Another point I’d like to make about positivity is that it’s a choice. Again I’ll tell you about my friend Alex. One day we were having a conversation and I said “How are you supposed to be positive if you find out that you have cancer?” just as an example, she responded something along the lines of  “But you can still stay positive and fight it.” That made me think very hard, she always makes me do that, but really positivity can change the outcome of terrible things. If you stay positive even when it’s really hard, better things will happen to you, I can almost guarantee it. No matter how bad something is, positivity will make it at least a little bit better. I would like to thank Alex for this lesson.

My final point of this post is to help spread positivity. I want people to stop thinking about me as a pessimist and maybe more of a realist, I think it would be a bit of a stretch to try and change my image to an optimist. Instead of saying about how bad your day think about how good it is. In the comments today I would like you to say one great thing that happened today and I’ll reply with a great thing that happened to me and why I’m glad that good thing happened to you! I really want to try and spread positivity. Also when you sign your name use a positive adjective to describe yourself that starts with the same letter as your name, like for example I could be Merry Mary. One last thing, if you get this far and you have twitter go tweet my friend Alex who basically inspired this post her username is @alexk710 and tell her that she’s the best. She is.

Go be happy my friends!



2 thoughts on “Positivity.

    • Mary June 5, 2014 / 10:58 pm

      I will definitely check it out! Thank you, I’m glad you enjoyed it!

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