The Speed of Life

Guys, it’s June. I’ve been home for a whole month already. I’ve been looking back at the month so far and there hasn’t been much memory making that’s been going on and I hate that.  I’ve spent a month working and filling free time with friends, which is great. I come home after whatever I’m doing and I put up a blog post and go to bed. I’m in a routine and it’s one of those things that just let me know that I’m growing up.

Later this week I’m starting a marketing internship and I’m so exciting, I know this is a really valuable opportunity that most people my age don’t get so I’m extremely thankful for that. However, in addition to that I’m working the job I’m not a fan of every other Saturday. It’s weird to think that I’m at the age now where I have to start “worrying” about things like internships and things to put on a real resume and not just a college application. This is honestly something that I’ve wanted, but was just kind of a dream. I really thought that someone older would get it, like who needed it for credit or something but I guess I got lucky this time.

Anyway, that’s kind of besides the point of this post. I can’t believe how fast time is going. I finished freshman year of college, I have a real job that I have to dress up for now, I am a month into my summer break, and in three months I’m starting my sophomore year of school with classes focusing towards my major. Like it’s hard to believe by the end of next year my major will be decided and declared and all but one of my classes will focus towards my future career (what that will be I’m not entirely sure). It’s insane to me that by this time next year I will be halfway done with college- and trust me I won’t be going past a bachelor’s degree at this time. I might even be preparing to go overseas for a study abroad opportunity. It’s seriously insane how quickly time is going.

I think time is one of those things that you just want things like school to go by quickly, but seriously I’m going to be a real adult before I know it. I’m planning on some good posts here soon. I was just at one of my best friend’s graduation party today and it became very evident that we’re all growing up and changing to real grown ups (well kind of).



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