It is 12:17 and this is my third blog post of the night, I guess you could say I am determined to get a good post up tonight- do you get my pun, do you get it? Anyway, determination. I try to picture myself as a determined type of person, I try to get what I want, well what I want within reason and I can control myself. I will never purposefully compromise someone else’s happiness to try to achieve what I want out of life.

In my life I am determined to do good in this messed up world. I am determined to make my life something worth living. Twenty years from now I don’t want to see that I did what I was supposed to do. By that I mean, get a boyfriend, get engaged, graduate college, get a job, get married, have kids, and before I know it I’m nearly forty with my house, kids, and husband, but having none of my dreams accomplished. I think that’s what makes my plan a little bit different, well maybe not different for a lot of you, but where I am, it’s really different. That’s what people do here and I think I’ll be really disappointed in myself if that’s how I go about my life.

After college I want to volunteer, explore the world, see places that I would never even begin to imagine, and I’m determined to make it happen. I’m not going to be one of those girls that ends up in Lancaster the rest of my life, I honestly don’t think there’s anything I would regret more. I want to make a positive impact on the lives of others and I’m not going to do that from the comfort of two neighborhoods over from where I currently live.  I have greater aspirations than that. Right now I have to save up money, figure out how to change lives, but it’s something that I’m going to do. I’m taking on the challenge.

What’s something you’re determined to do? It could be anything, it could even be the traditional life that I don’t really want. Let me know in the comments!




Tell me what you want, what you really really want!

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