Your Problem is NOT Mine.

I’m starting really late, and it’s odd because I really want to write but I was having a hard time trying to figure out what to write about, I guess after 230 some posts ideas start to run thin. Well I have ideas, I just don’t really feel like writing them, ya know? Bummer. Well at least for me it is.

Today at work, I had a problem with one of the men that works overnight and it really got me thinking that someone’s personal problems should not interfere with my life. He has time management problems which means I’m supposed to do his dishes before I leave, even if it means I have to stay late (which I’m not about to do) but he’s taking away my PERSONAL time and that couldn’t make me more livid. This leads me to say, your personal problem is NOT mine and therefore it should not become mine because trust me buddy, that’s not going to go very well for you.

I think this is a topic that really affects a lot of people too. There are so many people out there who are too self obsessed that they let their own problems become everyone else’s to manage and that’s really not okay to do. It really bothers me that because someone doesn’t know how to manage their own problems it affects other’s lives and takes away seconds/minutes/hours/days from others. Unless someone signs up as a therapist or psychologist or someone signs up or offers to help, no one should dump their personal problems on someone else.

For example, some people have very small bladders, should not have to be in cars with people with large bladders (sorry pal). Everytime they have to stop to pee they are taking ten minutes from the person who doesn’t have to pee. That’s not quite fair. I mean that’s kind of a bad example but it’s very easy to understand.

Piece of advice to all of you, if you are incapable of time management once you pass the age of 25-30  you should probably live in your parents basement the rest of your life and never work because all you’re going to do is inconvenience someone else who will go home and write a pissed of blog post about you. To be honest, I’m not annoyed about doing his dishes, I’m annoyed that he doesn’t ask and just expects us to do them for him when it’s his job, he’s just being lazy. He has a ten hour shift to do at most 20 dishes and yet he depends on the people who are nearly done to do them for him and that’s not okay in my book. Thank goodness I’m down to two days a month now because I don’t know how much longer I could take that place full time.




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