My Best Friend

Today I finally got to see my best friend for the first time in ages, even though we both been home for almost a month now. You might be wondering how are you still best friends? Well let me tell you a little thing about best friends my dears. You have your best friends from college, you have your best friends from high school, you have your random best friends picked up in Europe (that might just be me though), and then you have your Hannah.

Hannah has been my best friend since I moved to this house, of course her mom had to bribe her to come play with me the first time, but that doesn’t bother me. Hannah and I used to do everything together, then we got older, she moved out of the neighborhood, and we made new friends and did different things. However, you could not break that bond we had. If you put us together we could talk for hours or sit in comfortable silence. She’s the first person I go to when something big happens. We can go weeks without talking but as soon as we start it’s like no time has passed. I know that she will be with me through everything. She’ll be there on my wedding day, up there with me. She’ll meet my kids. (These are all hypothetical situations). She’ll probably be a godmother to one of them.  Your Hannah will always be there for you no matter what, that’s the best part about her. She’s the best kind of best friend. Not that the others are insignificant, she just holds a special place.

Your Hannah is the one that has held your hand through the deaths, the breakups, and the laughs. The one that you just laughed with for ten minutes straight for no reason. The one that you go to the beach with, go an hour in the wrong direction, and then when you get there you just lay on the beach and read for hours. You might live in different states, but that doesn’t mean anything when you know they’re just a phone call away.

Hannah is one of the best friends I could ask for. Yes, I know this is short but I have to get to bed. Also appreciate the Hannah in you life. Her name might not be Hannah, that’s just my best friend’s name. So maybe they’re a Jessica, a Tim, a Leslie, a Paul. Who knows? Mine is Hannah. Okay I’m rambling now sorry.



This post is dedicated to my best friend Hannah. Love you <3 Thanks for going to the baseball game with me tonight, you’re the best!


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