Guys, I’ve been hinting at some exciting some news for a few weeks now and it’s finally happening. My friends and I started an apparel business! This is something we’ve been talking and planning for months now and tonight we finally sat down and got in all in the works. So there are two shirts ready to order now if you guys are interested. Arrowheart is a company run by two of my best friends and myself. Jade, who is a whiz at graphics and has an eye for art, Lindsay, who is a business genius, and me who is along for the ride.

All three of us have been working to design shirts and a variety of social media profiles all evening. We are doing all of our designs off of teespring for now until we have money saved to operate on our own. Our basic premiss is to create unique and impressionable apparel for anyone. All of the shirts are American Apparel, right now they are offered in a tank or crew so you have options! So without further ado, here is all of the information you may need.

If you guys have any questions feel free to comment. Also, there’s a 40% off promotion going off for the grand opening so if you like one of the shirts buy it now! Thanks for any support you guys give, whether you’re buying stuff or just following and helping us promote the store, that’s great! Thanks so much guys.




Tell me what you want, what you really really want!

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