Those Moments

Do you know those moments where you think to yourself “I am going to remember this moment the rest of my life.” Those are the best kind of moments. To me those moments aren’t the huge ones, it’s the little ones. Like I honestly don’t remember walking across the stage at graduation, but I remember senior skip day going to the dairy to get ice cream with my friend Holly and the song “Cruise” came one. She put the windows down and I just felt the wind in my hair and we couldn’t stop laughing. It was one of those surreal moments. When I think about it I’m back in her car laughing, wind in my hair, screaming the lyrics to a song I didn’t know. Every time I hear that song I think of that moment. I relive this moment all the time, yet there’s no picture of it.

On Valentine’s Day, Meag and I didn’t have dates so we had a girls night. We saw a movie and watched YouTube videos in my room and laughed all night. I don’t think we took a single picture of it but I know I had fun. I remember refreshing Troye and Tyler’s pages for ages because it was the night of the new Troyler videos. I remember both of us crying in the movie theater. But most of all I remember having a great night, so now when I watch Catching Fire or I see those videos pop up on my What to Watch videos, I think of that night and I’m right back there.

There are so many of these surreal moments in life and I don’t think we appreciate them. We spend so much time trying to capture every important moment that we end up manipulating memories and remembering them just like the picture. Pictures don’t depict the days though, they depict a moment, a second of the day. Sometimes I think that the those surreal moments are so much better than the moments that are captured. When a song comes on the radio or you have that sip of a milkshake, it’s better than the picture because you’re back in the moment. It’s nice to have pictures, but really the great memories stick. The ones that count will always be there, if there’s fire they won’t disappear, if the basement floods and your yearbooks are destroyed, you’ll still remember the great parts of high school. Real memories will overpower the physical ones any day in my book.





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