“It’s Gone Viral” Words I Don’t Want to Hear

If this was ever said to me about a blog post or video I put up I think I would be afraid. Things that go viral escalate quickly, like they go insane. Can you imagine going from having a like or two on a post to having hundreds? I can’t.

I think half the reason I stopped putting videos up, even though I like it, was because all you need is one person who has a following to tweet something to you and there it goes. Just like that. My senior year of high school a video for a class went viral, it was on Tosh.O’s blog or whatever and it was a big deal that cause a whole lot of drama. It wasn’t supposed to be on the internet, that’s not what the consent of the people in it was for, it wasn’t finished. I wouldn’t really want anything like that to ever happen.

There are a lot of things I’d rather have than a post going viral, like just being able to do this for a job but staying in my little corner of the world. I would love to be able to do this my whole life, I honestly wouldn’t even mind daily vlogging because I love those and I like doing them, but I wouldn’t like it if it got to be something big.

I used to want to go to things like Playlist and VidCon and meet my favorites but I see vlogs and tweets and I just keep seeing these crazy people stalking people I don’t want to be associated with that and I’m pretty sure none of those people knew that’s what would happen when they started making videos and posting them on YouTube. Jenna Marbles didn’t start out with that many subscribers, she had one video go viral and people found out about her and thought she was funny and more and more people thought she was funny. It was good for her though, she seems to be doing well with it even if I don’t really watch her.

That’s the only thing that scares me a little bit with this. I don’t think I’m good enough to go viral or anything but it does make me nervous that it could happen. I don’t really want millions of people to see what I write, I like how it is now. I like being able to talk to people. I do think it is a risk everyone takes when they put stuff on the internet, and to be honest I think a lot of people kind of look for it. Everyone looks for their fifteen minutes of fame, with the internet though and that little follow button you guys can hit, it can last for a lot longer than fifteen minutes.

What do you guys think? What if you wrote a post and it went viral? How would you handle it?




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