The Secrets Out

Well guys the secret is out, I have no secrets. I feel like I should’ve built up to that better. Oh well. Seriously I tell you guys everything with the exception of minor details. Except sometimes when I message Hiba, I’ll be like oh I never told them that, but that’s okay, you’ll find out someday.

Anywho, this just made me think, what happens if I start talking to a guy? Like what if I would actually leave my house and go on a date? Like my first reaction would to be come back and blog all about it, however, these posts go to every social media site I’m on and that could lead to possible issues. So say I come back from a date and I write “Oh my gosh it was so bad, we went to the movies and he spit popcorn everywhere and spilled his soda on me.” There I risk hurting his feelings if I were to write that. On the other hand what if I wrote ” Oh my gosh guys I went on a date, it was so great. He opened the door for me, he offered to pay, he was cute, and smelled good.” Well that could be potentially embarrassing if he read it for me, especially if he didn’t feel the same way. To be honest, I’ll probably tell you guys about stuff like that. I’ll call the post something secret like “Why I love bunnies” and the first paragraph will be all about fish so everyone else will just shrug it off, but the best of you will know. Heads up, I don’t have any dates lined up or anything I was just thinking about what would happen if I did (I’m lonely okay?).

To be honest I’m an open book, like if you commented with a personal question I would without a doubt answer right away. The only things I don’t share are like private things that shouldn’t be put on the internet. Sorry for the short little post today, heading to bed early.




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