I’ve Defeated the Bikini

First of all, I know it’s really late, but I wrote a post and didn’t like so I didn’t want to post. Okay, I didn’t actually finish it but that’s okay too. I’ve also been catching up on YouTube because I was busy yesterday and today so I’m far behind and I don’t work until noon tomorrow so why not stay up super late?

After reading this article here it’s safe to say that I have not only regained my own body confidence but I’m not going to let people shame other’s weight. I don’t think it’s okay to say “oh her shorts shouldn’t be that short” or “why is she wearing a bikini?” or anything like that shouldn’t be said. You shouldn’t make someone feel bad for being confident. I remember when I came to this realization a few summers ago in the editorial section of Seventeen Magazine someone sent in a comments saying something along the lines of “I don’t understand why the bathing suits in the curvy section were all tankinis or one pieces, I’m curvy and I like bikinis.” I thought to myself, and mind you at this time I wouldn’t wear anything that wasn’t straight so I was just like okay good for you, plus I was like 120 lbs with big boobs and I just felt uncomfortable in everything. Now, that I’m a curvy girl, who maybe’s a little bit chubby bathing suit shopping is a nightmare.

I’ve been postponing this inevitable event all summer but I’m supposed to go to the beach a week from tomorrow (okay well technically today) and my friends are tiny, they are just small, people and they pretty, and that was no motivation whatsoever to try and find a bathing suit. After a full day of anxiety for no apparent reason I decided to go shopping. My youngest sister wanted to join me, her mistake, and mine. She likes to complain. We went to Walmart, Boscovs, Bon Ton, Sears, American Eagle, and finally Target. I couldn’t find one that I liked at all, let alone on me. I found two at Target but I went with the one I liked better, maybe the other one looked better on me, but that wasn’t the one I was comfortable in. I was comfortable in the one I picked.

I’m sure you guys will see it eventually see it since I have many, many trips coming up so do you know what that means? Finally some more adventure posts filled with friends and family.

So yes, once again, don’t body shame anyone, including yourself. Also, please read that attached article, it’s much better written and makes clear point rather than my jumbled up mess of words. This is why I stopped writing in the middle of the night. Please share with me your opinions of bikinis and bathing suits in the comments, I love other opinions too.




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