Where in the world is Mary?

Short answer: not here.

Longer answer: house sitting or some shenanigans where she doesn’t have wifi so she asked me, her favorite person ever (aka Lindsay), to put up a post for her tonight.

She gave me full creative liberty but since I actually intend to keep her as a friend, I’ll be nice. I’m going to take this as an opportunity to tell you a few of the things about Mary that she probably would never tell you herself. Because she’s humble and whatnot.

  1. Mary is super confident in herself and that’s something I really admire. She’s such a nerd but in the coolest way and she just kind of owns it and it’s great (like how she used to carry a briefcase in high school… Super bummed about the fact that I never got to witness that in person).
  2. She’s probably the most caring person you’ll ever meet. Whenever I have something I want to talk to someone about, Mary is usually my first choice because I know that she’ll care, even if I’m trying to talk about something that doesn’t particularly interest her.
  3. Kind of related, she’s a great listener. If you ever just need someone to vent to, Mary’s your girl.
  4. Her laugh is actually contagious. Literally, one of the first things I noticed when we first became friends was her laugh because it’s awesome.
  5. She does really weird things sometimes that are hilarious if you’re lucky enough to catch them.
  6. She’s super observant, I don’t know how she does it. She can watch Netflix while doing other things and still know exactly what happened three seasons ago on a show, meanwhile I can barely tell you what happened last episode. If you want an in depth discussion of a TV show, you should hit her up.
  7. And finally, lucky number seven: she’s one of the greatest friends you could ever have because she’ll come visit you at school for a weekend even when it involves an overnight bus ride and very little sleep.

Those are just a few things, there are so many other things that make Mary awesome but I thought I’d just share a few with you guys tonight.

Thanks for letting me hangout with all your followers tonight, Mary :)

~ Lindsay


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