The Mini-Mom

So a few days ago in my Blogger Failure post, which if I wasn’t convinced that I was one when I posted it, I am now after all of the lovely comments you beautiful people left me, I mentioned that I love mommy blogs because I’ve always like adults more than I like most people my own age. So I thought I would elaborate on this and why I think this is.

My mom had be when she was 24, nowadays, people don’t have kids that early, not that it’s that early at all. My parents had been married for nearly three years, they both had a stable job, it’s a logical time to decide to have kids. However, I guess none of their friends were really in this situation, really most of their friends started having kids about three years later, when my sister was born. Until I was 5 I lived in a neighborhood of kids my age, which was great. I would say until I was about ten I was fine playing with kids, but then at parties I would stay inside with the adults. I’m not sure why, I just felt more comfortable. I’m pretty sure my mom has even said that I’ve preferred adult company to than that of kids.

Even in high school I had a reputation of being a motherly figure. Okay, so ironing 12 people’s clothes on a field trip to Atlanta could maybe help this reputation a little bit. I sometimes still get referred to as Mama Mary or Mother Mary, I just take it as a compliments, even if it’s not quite meant to be. I think being the oldest of three, one of the oldest in a neighborhood with lots of kids, I have a nurturing side to me. I may come across as anything but, however, when it comes down to it if I care about you, I will care too much, probably to the point where I annoy you. I will tell you to drink enough water, I’ll make sure you eat enough, I’ll do your laundry if you ask, I will smother you. I think I through my love through actions, well I actually love to buy people stuff, so I also buy stuff for you too.

I’m also really nosey, like I love to feel like I’m in someone’s life, even if I’m not. Which is why I love reading mommy blogs, it’s not about makeup or fashion or crafts, it’s about their lives. They have such great stories of things their kids say, things they do as moms, just interesting lives. So yes, I’m 19 (I’m turning 20 soon and it’s freaking me out), and I read mommy blogs and love it.

What do you love that’s not expected?




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