Master of the Saggy Bun

I’m sure if you’ve seen picture of me, you may have noticed that my hair can be a little unruly. After taking some hair care product advice from Alyssa over at From Campus with Love on the argan infused shampoo and conditioner.  Up until probably junior  year I cut my hair to my shoulders constantly, and probably once a year, even shorter. For whatever reason, every time I cut it I thought it would prompt me to do my hair, straighten it, properly curl it, you know all of that nonsense. Well I finally decided junior/senior year that I don’t want to look like Princess Mia before her makeover every time there’s a little bit of humidity in the air that maybe I should grow my hair out.

As the hair grew, so did the curls. They are windy, frizzy, and quite unmanageable curls, yet they’re finally starting to grow on me. On rather anxious days it gets to me, I think because the fizz touches me and I don’t like things touching me when I’m anxious. Anyway, it’s starting to define me I think, my frizzy unmanageable curls, not defined with the curling iron, not flattened out by the straightener, but my natural hair.

photo (8)

Oh who would’ve guessed that we would have stumbled upon a little selfie here.

Yet, somedays this does get to me. I don’t like that I don’t have that perfect silky smooth hair, hair that can just air dry and fall in perfectly into place. My hair requires smoothing oil, straightening serum (yes believe it or not straightening serum is in there) and slight towel drying, but not too much because otherwise the curls separate and it just looks like a mess.

Those days where I just can’t do it, I have masted the messy bun. From a tight top knot to a sloppy messy bun, I’ve masted the art of getting my hair out of my face and looking slightly less everywhere. Even if Alex like to tell me that it looks like I haven’t left the house in eight days, believe or not girls, he’s single! He’s usually a sweetheart, he was in a bad mood that night, I’m just glad he told me once we got to the restaurant, please sense my sarcasm. Well him being a good guy is not sarcasm, that’s true.

Anyway, I’m just rambling. I don’t really know what this post ended up as. I think to brag about how I’m managing my hair, whatever. On the plus side I ordered my camera today and it’s supposed to get here tomorrow. Only 16 hours of work is standing between me and vacation, I can do it! Meag comes Friday, New York Sunday-Monday, New Jersey Tuesday, and Rhode Island Wednesday-Friday. Let me know if I’m in your area!




2 thoughts on “Master of the Saggy Bun

  1. The Bruin Life July 24, 2014 / 12:59 am

    My hair looks a lot like yours! When I can’t handle it I braid my hair to the side to get a thick messy braid (:

    • Mary July 24, 2014 / 7:49 am

      I do that too! Especially if it’s still damp.

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