Personal Identity



There’s a big difference between keeping up with trends and trying to be like someone, and then again there’s a difference between trying to be like someone and trying to be them.  A lot of people like to keep up with trends, I kind of try sometimes, I mean I like what I like, and if it happens to be a trend of the moment even better. However, some people like to be like others in fashion. So if Hilary Duff is wearing purple sun glasses they’re going to wear purple sunglasses. That’s not a bad thing either, however I think it starts to cross boundaries when you start to want to be that person. Instead of wanting a fashion sense like their, you start talking like them too, picking up phrases and words that are really specific to them as a person, more than just because you hang out with them a lot. For example if I was obsessed with Miley Cyrus I might start singing Wrecking Ball all the time, because that’s what Miley Cyrus does (bad example, I know).

I think a personal identity is really important. If you base your personality, style, speech habits, basically most of the individualistic parts about you, you are no longer going to be an individual you are going to a second rate version of someone else. Why would you want that? Every person has a unique voice, thoughts, beliefs, looks, personality, etc. why would you want to jeopardize that to be like someone else? I see this a lot in what Lindsay calls the high school mentality (post on that coming soon) when being an individual is frowned upon. Take this from me, a person who has been an individual for as long as I can remember, it’s not a bad thing. Maybe I’m lucky and a lot of people thought I was being ironic when in actuality I was just being myself. However, after minor bullying that I handled well, not that anyone should ever be bullied for being themselves, I figured out that as long as I was happy with who I was that was okay with me and it didn’t matter what the “popular” boys thought about me, they were dicks anyway! Let me tell you something, if you try so hard to fit in with that popular crowd in high school that’s what you’re going to do your whole life, try to fit in. It’s not worth it, not even a little bit.

A personal identity, a unique personality owned by yourself is key in life. If you go through life basing you life off of someone else’s where is that going to get you? Lost and confused. When it comes to dating no one will ever be able to get to know who you actually are, they’ll meet someone else’s half assed personality and then figure out that your fake. You can only trick people for so long.

You can only go so long trying to copy someone, trying to be something you’re not, so why not just embrace who you really are from the start? Of course there are sometimes where you have to put on different hats or masks to blend in for the moment but that’s not entirely losing our whole being in someone else.

Don’t be something or someone you aren’t. I don’t know how much energy and time it takes to put up a face everyday, but I’m sure it’s too much.




Tell me what you want, what you really really want!

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