Average Adventure: Meag’s Visiting + Painting Pottery

My adventure filled week of started with my friend Meag from school visiting me for the weekend. After having a rather chill evening last night, this morning we met up with Alex and Lindsay for breakfast and then headed off to paint potter. I’m still using getting used to my new camera so I thought it would be fun to get some practice while we painted. Here are just some snaps from today!

If you’re from the Lancaster County area, I highly suggesting checking out Peggy and Renee’s Fired Art Studio. We had such a fun day, and the prices aren’t bad at all. If you do acrylic paint it’s the price written on the piece plus five dollars and if you do glaze (which is what we did) you take the price and double it, but there’s no sitting fee or anything like that. I know a lot of places have that which really adds to the cost, my mug was only $14 and that’s about how much a mug usually costs. Meag’s bowl cost $16, I’m not sure how much bowls cost, but it was also a really cool shape. This isn’t sponsored fyi, I’m not good enough for that cool stuff.

If you can’t see the full caption you can click on the picture and then you can page through them!




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