I’m Cheating.

Okay so basically today has been insane and I should’ve planned ahead but I didn’t. I went to the beach and didn’t get home until like an hour ago, and I still had to pack. I’m also aching from sunburn and it’s not okay. Basically this is a post saying how I suck and I’m just cheating. Here have some random Mary Facts:

  • My butt feels bruised that’s how bad the sunburn is.
  • I leave for Rhode Island in six hours.
  • I’m extremely tired because I woke up at 2 am convinced it was 5am and I had to get up.
  • I used to not burn and only tan, this is what I get for going outside.
  • I cry about every emotion and that’s new too.
  • I’d rather be cold than hot.
  • I’m never challenging myself to do a post a day for a year again.
  • I love the way vintage thing look.
  • I don’t mind clutter but I hate sticky/dirty/messy things.
  • I love crafts.
  • I love knowing about people’s lives, I’m super nosy that way.

Yes, here is my cheat post. Apologies.





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