Please Shut Your Mouth Julie

Julie Chen. The biggest reason that watching Big Brother can be painful for me. My guilty pleasure is watching Big Brother, I’m not super addicted but I watch every episode, not a super fan like my sister or anything. However, Julie Chen makes this a rather painful experience sometimes.

She is beautiful, maybe wears a lot of makeup sometimes, but she is rather pretty. The outfits a little bit interesting for game show, but I doubt she picks those out herself. So there, I complimented her, but I can’t stand her during the show.

First of all, it’s a game show. I know she has a news anchor but when you’re hosting a game show don’t act like you’re telling the news because her voice is driving me insane. Please stop going high to low to high to low to high ALL WITHIN THE SAME SENTENCE! Please focus on the freaking contests not the fluctuation of your voice so I can know what’s going on. Her voice makes me want to put the TV on mute, I’m sorry if that’s too mean.

Julie Chen, please shut your mouth.

I would also like to see some of the action rather than her talking at all in general. I’m sorry I honestly do not give a crap about what she thinks, I’m watching to see the show, to see the drama, to see what’s going on with those people and yet I see her dressed up rather than people chomping on slop. Honestly, I don’t know if I’ve seen anyone eating slop except for the first week. That’s ridiculous, I want to see the people gagging, not Julie Chen’s face.

Sorry Julie fans, I’m not one of you.




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