Skin Issues

I’m going to be doing a post on my skin care products very soon but I thought I would just tell you guys some of my skin issues currently going on because I feel like it’s another one of those “Just Mary Things”.

So I went to the beach last week and I used SPF 70 because it was basically the first time I had been outside all summer. Well the spray that I used must’ve been empty or expired because it just didn’t work. I have a huge splotch in the middle of my back that’s white and then all around it’s red. My upper thigh, right below my bathing suit line also burned, and then the back of my knees and right above that too. So basically half of the backside of my body is peeling right now. It’s disgusting. Only I would end up with the not working sunscreen spray. Only me.

My face has also been particularly dry, even with my daily moisturizing that I have upped to twice a day so I went to Target to get a facemask to try and moisturize it a little bit more, like give me a little oomf ya know? Well don’t worry because there will be a full review soon. Anyway, I believe it was a clay mask, well I bought it in the hypoallergenic section because I’m allergic to most skin care products, especially ones that aren’t hypoallergenic. I read the back and it said something along the lines of “remove if it irritates skin, does not happen in most cases”, sounds promising right? That’s what I thought too! Well I lather it on my face and after about three minutes it burns I was convinced that my skin was on fire. I start scrubbing it off like there’s no tomorrow. I gave up about half way through and wiped it off because I couldn’t handle even washing it off anymore. I was in so much pain. So I was one of the “not most cases”. Let’s just say my skin is not happy with me right now.

I would also like to apologize because I’ve been a lazy blogger lately. I don’t want to edit videos but I don’t want to do the travel posts until the videos are ready, so hopefully Saturday or Sunday those will start rolling in. I feel bad but I haven’t gotten home until later the past few nights so I haven’t had the time either. I don’t even know if anyone cares that I haven’t posted them yet, it’s just one of those things that I feel bad about anyway because I said I was going to do it and I didn’t.




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