30 Questions to Ask Yourself Before You Die: Part 1

Why yes this question sounds morbid, but let me explain. I was being my typical lazy blogger self and I didn’t start writing until ten so I was just going to write about myself in a factual manner like I do when I do silly things like this.  Well I’ve run out of random things to tell you off the top of my head so I searched “questions to ask yourself” and I stumbled upon this article here and I found that it would help you to get to know me on a deeper level than what my favorite color is, if that makes sense.

  1. How much have you loved? Honestly, I wish I could say a lot, but I think I love and lost many a times. I don’t mean that as in I fall in love all the time, but I love everyone in my life soo much so whenever anyone leaves it’s almost like my heart breaks. If that makes any sense. 
  2. What do you love doing that you aren’t doing? Honestly filming YouTube videos. I get really discouraged and when I go back and rewatch them I feel really cringy, but it’s genuinely something I like to do. 
  3. What person or type of person would you chose as a life companion? I would chose someone like me because I wouldn’t be able to tolerate anyone else for extended amounts of time. That sounds like a joke, but it’s not. I need someone who has the same sense of humor, the same beliefs, the same ideas, the same wants, however, I would like them to be a little bit smarter than me, but I still have to better than him at something, because contrary to popular belief I am secretly very competitive and I have to be able to win something in the relationship. 
  4. Where do you want to live? I want to be a nomad honestly. If I had to pick a place, I love Seattle I could live there. I would like to live somewhere that doesn’t get cold or hot. I think this answer will really depend on where I am ten years from now, like if I’m in a serious relationship, or thinking about a family, or if I’m all on my own, that will help me to answer this question. If I’m not traveling I better not be living in Lancaster/Berks/Delaware/any county in Eastern PA (sorry mom and dad I need out). I need a different view than what I’ve had for the past 19 years.
  5. What do you want to accomplish? I would like to write a book, that’s the big goal in life. I also want to go to every continent and meet so many people. I’m not a fan of people but I like the stories each person carries and I want to know as many stories as I can. 
  6. What do you want to be remembered by? I want to be remembered for being kind and helpful. If I can change someone’s life I want to do it, and I want any life I change to remember me. 
  7. What kind of life would make you jealous? I’m not sure what this question means to be honest. I’m just going to say that I’m currently jealous of people with a plan. I like plans and I don’t have one and that stresses me out. I want a life with a plan and I don’t have one and I’m jealous of those who do. 
  8. What adventures do you want to have? I want to go to new places and find undiscovered corners. More like the corners that most people don’t go to. I want to go on long walks on the beach at sunset. I want to see meteor showers and super moons. I want to explore the depths of the world, travel on buses, trains, boats, cars, planes. I want my life to be the greatest adventure. 
  9. If you had to add something to humanity, what would your contribution be? I think my contribution would be is helping take care of people. I actually am good at taking care of people and things as long as there’s no vomit. I think I could teach adults how to read too maybe.
  10. What are you ghosts? Your unspoken demons? It’s not really unspoken for me, I would have to say my anxiety. It haunts me I would say, even when I’m not anxious I know deep down that at any moment I could become anxious. 
  11. What are your favorite memories? I love all of my memories. I don’t know what to pin point. Comment and let me know what kind of memory you want for part two!
  12. What do you love the most? I love my family and friends then you reading this, then my camera and then my laptop. Judge me.
  13. What worries you the most? Lately I’ve been really afraid of being in a situation I can’t remove myself from.  I’m afraid that I’ll be doing something and can’t leave and I’ll have a panic attack. I also get really worried whenever anyone I love is away, I’m so afraid that they’re going to get hurt or something bad will happen to them.
  14. What type of people inspire you and make you come alive?  I love creative people and those are the type of people I thrive with. I love when I can be creative in a judge free zone, however, those seem as if they are hard to come by. I also love passionate people. If I’m talking to someone about something they love, no matter how much I detest it, if they’re passionate I will want to like it. They inspire me to be passionate. 
  15. What type of people bring you down and make you hate yourself? This is actually something I’ve been thinking about a lot lately with people who put me down. When you have “friends” that can never say one good thing about you, it’s time to reconsider who you’re hanging out with. That’s something that’s definitely been weighing on me lately. I hate that when I’m with someone who’s supposed to care about me and all they do is tell me what I’m bad at, how unflattering something is, going back to what I’m terrible at, telling me that I’m a failure, and again telling me how awful I am at something, that makes me hate myself. That’s what brings me down, way, way down.

This took longer than I thought, I’ll do part two tomorrow or something!





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